Sustainability Report 2016


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As a family owned business, we have always been sensitive to the importance of looking out for the neighborhoods in which we work, and the greater impact of our products across the globe.

Since our inception in 1959, Zatkoff Seals & Packings has been dedicated to contributing to a flourishing, sustainable environment.

In our own manufacturing, and in working with clients as they develop theirs, we continuously seek to exceed current standards in all areas of environmental protection and pollution prevention. We pay attention to our use of energy, greenhouse emissions, and even commission third party research to assist us in reducing our carbon footprint.

For instance, we are proud to report that, as a result of an initiative to reduce our use of paper products and to lessen our paper waste, we began a program to move many of our often used documents into digital form. We were able to reduce our use of paper products across our locations by more than 15% in 2016. Additionally, this initiative brought our employees’ attention to cutting down paper use and waste in all of our departments.

We were able to reduce our use of paper products across our locations by more than 15% in 2016

We have also worked to find the most effective ways to reduce our energy use for the most positive affect on the environment. Through initiatives aimed at energy reduction, since 2008, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 55.21%, and our megawatt electricity usage by 55.25%.

Since 2008, we have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 55.21%, and our megawatt electricity usage by 55.25%

Additionally, we are often tasked with finding the safest materials for our extensive line of products. Hazardous materials are a real threat to humanity, and we take this threat seriously. We require that certain substances be removed from the products our customers request. For instance, all Phthalates and Carcinogens must be removed.

REACH, ROHS, ELV & WEEE, SVHC, and Conflict Minerals are all taken into consideration in our daily risk analysis process, to ensure that we abide by all laws regarding these materials, as well as making sure that we are a socially, and environmentally responsible company.

To date, we have ensured that none of the substances flagged by these regulations is used in any of our products.

At Zatkoff Seals & Packings, it is our mission to remain an industry leader in working sustainably. We are always looking for ways to be energy efficient, environmentally wise, and socially responsible for our planet. It is our desire to leave the world a happy, healthy place for the generations to come.

Do you need a product with an environmentally responsible impact? Give us a call today for your customized, ecologically friendly solution.

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